18 May 2014 | Munich | *Do Not Block*

Walking through Maxvorstadt in Munich it almost turned into an obsession to observe the unlimited variety of signs that property owners put up on the walls and doors of their houses to ensure that the public respect their rights. Signs predominantly relate to three topics: bicycles that are prohibited from being parked or leaned against the walls, orders not to post bills, and signs demanding that doors and gates must not be blocked. Whilst the message appears to be very clear and one would not expect additional explanations, creativity seems to be limitless when it comes to further specifying what seems to be obvious in the first place. Looking at this photo I wonder what concern might have been on the owner’s mind when he or she felt that it requires two separate signs in order to ensure that the gate would not be blocked in its dual qualities serving as an access (Einfahrt) and an exit (Ausfahrt) at the same time.