25 February 2012 | London | *Home Again*

This picture was taken in the recent London exhibition on the works of Robert Montgomery. It is the same artist who created the piece of art that was photographed further down in the stream in Shadow Festival. Montgomery’s language is direct. Even without fully comprehending his texts in all their dimensions after the first reading, some fragments stick out like islands and strike the reader like bullets. These fragments touch the soul and have the power to bring suppressed feelings of doubt to the surface and can confront the reader with potentially unresolved inner conflicts, especially as regards the conditions and consequences of the modern working environment and the sacrifices we make in order to succeed under these conditions. At the same time the poems of Robert Montgomery are full of warmth and display a feeling of hope for a better future. His works give direction and indicate a path to a more peaceful future – like here: One day after the passing of all our egos we might come home and become again like the movement of the leaves moving all together with one clear singing voice as the wind hits the trees but it will be a long time from now.